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Light Bites Menu

Jacket Potatoes
All jacket potatoes are served with a side salad.

Cheese n coleslaw£4.90
Ham n coleslaw£4.95
Cheese n beans£4.90
Chicken n bacon£4.95
Cheese n spring onion£4.90
Chicken n Bacon£5.50
BBQ Chicken£5.50
Tuna mayo£5.50
Ham n cheese£5.50
Prawn n Island Dressing£5.50

All salads are served with lettuce, tomato, spring onions, beetroot, grated carrot, coleslaw & new potatoes.

Chicken n Bacon

Served with green salad, tomato, pickle, onions, beetroot, and a wedge of bread.

Cheese Ploughmans£8.20
Ham Ploughmans£8.50
Cheese n Ham£8.90

Choose either white or malted bread. All come with side salad & coleslaw.

Cheese & Coleslaw£4.70
Cheese & Tomato£4.50
Fish Finger & Tartare Sauce£4.90
Ham & Mustard£4.90
Chicken & Bacon£4.50
Chicken Mayo£4.90
Cajun Chicken£4.90
BBQ Chicken£4.90
Tuna Mayo£4.90
Cheese & Ham£4.90
Bacon, Brie & Cranberry£4.90
Prawns & Prawn Dressing£4.90



All panini are served with a side salad n coleslaw.

Cheese n Tomato£4.90
Chicken & Bacon£5.50
BBQ Chicken£5.50
Cajun Chicken£5.50
Ham & Cheese£5.50
Bacon, Brie & Cranberry£5.50
Steak n Onion
Served with a side of fries

Main Menu

Sides & Starters
Soup of the Day
Served with bread: white or malted
Garlic Mushrooms
Served with side salad n garlic mayo
Prawn Cocktail
Served with malted bread n butter
Jalapeno Peppers
Served with side salad
Potato Skins
Served with cheese n ham side salad
Seasoned Chips£2.80
Cheesey Chips£3.00
Cheesey Chips & Bacon£3.50
Garlic Bread£3.50
Cheesey Garlic Bread£4.00
Onion Rings£3.50
Side Salad£3.50
Sweet Potato Fries£3.50
Sharing Platter for 2
Garlic mushrooms, onion rings, garlic bread, scampi, chicken nuggets, coleslaw, dips
Kids Meals
Beef Lasagna with Chips£3.50
Ham, Egg & Chips£3.50
Beef Burger & Chips£3.00
Cheese Burger & Chips£3.50
Chicken Burger n Chips£3.50
Teddy Pizza – cheese n tomato pizza n chips£3.50
Bolognese Pasta£3.50
Fish Stars£3.00
Fish Fingers£3.00
Fish Cake£3.00
Chicken Nuggets£3.50
All served with chips, with beans or peas.
Sausage mash with peas or beans£3.00
Kids’ Roast£3.50
Ice Cream£1.00
Burger Bar

All burgers are served with relish salad in a fresh roll, chips, n onion rings.

8oz Burger£8.50
8oz Cheese Burger£8.90
Bacon Cheese Burger£9.00
Mega Burger
2oz burgers, cheese n bacon
Chicken Burger£8.50
Chicken Bacon Burger
Chicken burger, bacon and topped with cheese.
Veggie Burger£8.50
Swan Classics
Faggots in onion gravy
Served with mash or chips with peas.
Trio of Sausages
Served on a bed of creamy mash, peas n gravy.
Swan Chicken Stack
Served with chips or side salad.
Chicken Curry
Choose from Korma, Tikka Masala or Jalfrezi. Served with rice, chips or both.
Beef Chilli
Served with rice, chips or both.
Double Ham, Egg & Chips£8.90
Beef or Veg Lasagna
Served with chips or side salad.
Cottage Pie
Served with seasonal veg and gravy.
Served on a bed of creamy mash n peas.
Macaroni Cheese£8.90
Steak n Ale Pie
Served with either chips or mash, peas and gravy.
Cheese n Onion Potato Pie
Served with either salad or seasonal veg.
Roast of the Day
Ask a member of staff what we have today.
From the Grill
Locally Sourced 8oz Gammon
Served with chips, tomato, onion rings, peas.
8oz Sirloin
Served with chips, peas, onion rings.
Mixed Grill
Steak, gammon, sausages, egg, onion rings, garlic mushrooms, chips n peas.
Fish Dishes
Battered Cod
Served with chips, peas and tartare sauce.
Fish Pie
Served with either salad or seasonal veg.
Served with chips, peas n tartare sauce.
Deep Filled Apple Pie£3.50
Crumble of the Day£3.50
Cheesecake of the Day£3.50
Homemade Bread & Butter Pudding£3.50
Skicky Toffee Pudding£3.50
Fresh Fruit Skewers£3.50
Homemade Rice Pudding£3.50
Ivor’s Ice Cream£3.50

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